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Learn how-to make and print free gift certificates, simply follow our tutorial guide and use our free gift certificate templates.

Supported browsers:

Gift certificate creation has been tested and should work on the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

Display As Image button for saving should work on all browsers, however Download button may not work on Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, but should be supported on Chrome and Firefox.

Internet Explorer 8 and lower versions are not supported, because they do not support HTML5 canvas. Please use a different browser or upgrade.

Creating a custom gift certificate:

Select a gift certificate template that you want to use, fill in the blank fields with your information and click the "Create" button.

Here is some additional information and ideas about filling out your custom gift certificate template.

Company: Enter a company or a business name. Leave blank if not needed.

To: Name of the person or organization for which the gift certificate is intended for. You can enter something generic such as "Valued Customer" if you want to have pre-printed certificates. Required field, otherwise a blank To: will be shown.

From: If a person is buying a certificate for someone else you can enter their name in here. You can also display your company or business name in this field instead of the company field. Required field, otherwise a blank From: will be shown.

Value: Enter an amount that the certificate is worth, the money symbol $ followed by a space is already entered into this field. You can erase it and enter text instead if needed. Required field, otherwise a blank Value: will be shown.

Expiry Date: Enter an expiry date, the default text is "Expiry Date: 01/01/2027". You can also change this field to "Issued Date: 01/01/2025" or "Valid from date to date". Some countries, states or provinces may not allow expiry dates on purchased gift certificates, research your area and verify the exact laws. Remove text and leave blank if not needed.

Certificate #: A certificate number is used to track the certificate. For best results you should generate a random certificate number or id, you can also enter something random yourself. Make sure to keep a record of each certificate number for each gift certificate you issue, this will help to avoid counterfeit certificates. The default text in this field is "#: 00000001" you should change it. Remove text and leave blank if not needed.

Address/Phone, Terms Line 1, Terms Line 2: All three of these lines display in small text starting from the bottom center of the certificate. You can enter your address, phone, website or any additional information you wish. You can also use these fields to enter terms or conditions for your gift certificate. Leave blank if not needed.

Common terms and conditions for certificates include: non-transferable, no cash refund, not redeemable for cash, no replacement for lost or stolen gift certificates.

Take some time and research the laws in your area to find out which terms and conditions are allowed to be entered into purchasable gift certificates. Some countries prohibit expiry dates or fees on purchasable gift certificates and require contact information to be present.

Saving your gift certificate:

Using Display As Image button

Computer: After you have filled in your details and clicked the "Create" button, click "Display As Image" button, your gift certificate will show up as a second image on the page, below the first preview image. Position your mouse cursor on the new second image and right click, you should see a menu option "Save Image As" or "Save Picture As" left click it, and you can save your certificate to your computer as a PNG file. Give your gift certificate a new recognizable name if you wish and save it to your computer in a location you can find later.

Phone/Tablet/Mobile Device: Similarly after you have filled in the information you want and pressed the "Create" button, press "Display As Image" button, a second image of your gift certificate will show up on the page. Press and hold on this image and you should see an option to download the image to your device.

Using Download button

After you have entered the information you need and pressed the "Create" button, press the "Download" button. The gift certificate should download to your device automatically, you will find your gift certificate in your default download location as a PNG image file.

Download button may not work on all browsers, especially Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, use Display As Image method outlined above in such a case.

After your have created your gift certificate and saved it to your computer or mobile device, find the location you have saved it to and open it, from there you can print it.

If you wish you might also be able to open the second image created by "Display As Image" button in a new tab to print directly from your browser, this may not work on all browsers or devices. You can try this by right clicking the second image and seeing if there is an option to "Open image in a new tab".

The gift certificate resolution is 650 x 350 pixels. For best results set print scale to 100%, portrait mode with at least 300 dpi resolution or more and print in color.

The gift certificates should ideally print to 6.81" x 3.66" inches or 17.3 cm x 9.3 cm on default 8.5" x 11" letter sized paper. If you want a smaller size adjust printing scale accordingly, some testing may be required for best results.

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