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Make a Christmas Gift Certificate

Posted at — Aug 19, 2012

The Christmas season is an important time of the year for businesses, sales are on the rise as people begin looking for gifts for their friends and family. Even the people who do not celebrate Christmas are still participating by celebrating other holidays during this period of time.

Christmas is the perfect time for a business to offer a special holiday gift certificate for customers to buy as gift for others. It will increase revenue for your business by providing more sales and grant an easy way for your customers to offer a special gift for someone.

Choose a gift certificate

To begin you need to select a Christmas certificate template, you can select a number that we currently offer. You need decided if you want a more traditional Christmas design or a more holiday design template that may appeal to more people. This of course primarily depends on the type of customers you get and the cultural background of your geographic area.

Edit the gift certificate

Include the appropriate information for your gift certificate, this includes your company name, the to and from fields, your business address, a gift certificate number and terms and conditions for your gift certificate.

Take a look at our previous article on information to include on a gift certificate.

Print the gift certificate

After you have designed your gift certificate you are ready to print. Make sure to use quality paper and a good color printer. A color laser printer with a high dot per inch coverage would be ideal, but a regular inkjet may work just as well. You may need to print a few quick samples to decide if your printer is adequate for the job. You should also consider ordering custom professional prints of your gift certificate, it may end up being cheaper than to print it yourself.

Gift Template offers free gift certificates that you can create online with no installation or software required.