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Posted at — Aug 21, 2012

If you own a business you should consider offering gift certificates to your customers, here are the reasons why selling gift certificates is a good decision for any business.

Building your brand

You may be surprised to hear that gift certificates offer an opportunity to advertise your business. But it is true, someone buying a gift certificate is often doing so to introduce their friends or family to a service or a product. When a certificate is given to someone as a gift, your brand name is on it. Therefore gift certificates allow free advertisement for your business, which adds to expanding brand awareness.

Offering extra value to your customers

A gift certificate from a business offers extra value to your customers, because it may save them time finding a gift for someone. By offering a gift voucher for your product or service, customers will only view it as a benefit. In many cases customers are eager to share their experience with someone else, a gift certificate offers that opportunity.

Finding new customers

When a gift certificate is given to someone, often times that person has not used the product or service. A gift certificate is often a way to gain new customers, if the person enjoys what is offered they will come back and maybe even introduce other people to your business.

Unused gift certificates = free money

In some cases a gift certificate may be never be used. This should definitely not be a primary focus for offering gift certificates. But the reality is that some gift certificates get lost or forgotten about. The money spent on them goes directly to the business, without providing the product or service they offer.

Cheap to implement gift certificates

It does not cost much for a business to begin offering gift certificates. You can create a custom gift certificate by hiring a graphic designer, or you can visit and make a professional one for free. Either way the costs are minimal and offer greater value in return.