2 thoughts on “New Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

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    Hey Sandra, so the size of the gift certificate is 650 x 350 pixels, when printed under 100% resolution under portrait mode with 300 dpi resolution they will come out to 6.81″ x 3.66″ inches or 17.3 cm x 9.3 cm on default 8.5″ x 11″ letter sized paper.

    Now you can resize during printing to get a different size, but will need to test it out on your own printer. But because the resolution is limited, your probably don’t want it too big as you will reduce quality or see pixels. If you print smaller you can increase dpi if your printer is good enough and that will preserve the sharpness.

    If you want to change the size for online use, you will need to use an external program like Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop, most image upload sites have the option to change size when you upload.

    Hope that answers your question, Happy Holidays.


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